Passive Component Supplier

Passive Component Supplier

Passive Component Supplier

Passive Component Supplier

Passive components are circuit elements that influence the flow of power but do not generate their own energy. They are essential to electronic devices, such as computers and laptops.

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Resistors are passive electronic components that limit the dimmer flow of electric current. They are available with a wide range of resistance values, from very low to very high, and are used for multiple purposes, such as voltage division, temperature control, power measurement, and more. They are typically made of carbon or ceramic and have a maximum power rating, which is the amount of heat energy they can dissipate before overheating and sustaining damage.

Passive components are essential to circuits, and it is impossible to create a complete electronic device without them. In addition to resistors, passive components also include capacitors, diodes, and inductors.

Resistors come in several different types, including surface mount chip resistors, wire wound resistors, and film and glass resistors. They can be connected in series or parallel, with the overall resistance of a resistor being equal to the sum of individual resistance values. A resistor’s value can be found by looking at its color code, which is a system of three or four bands that specifies the value, plus a tolerance band.


Passive components don’t have the name recognition of microprocessors or DRAM, but they are vitally important in electronics. They store electrical charges and limit current flow. They are used in filtering, surge suppression, measurement, and tuning applications. Some types of passive devices include capacitors, resistors and inductors. Capacitors store energy as an electric charge, and resistors adjust signal levels and divide voltages. Inductors, also called coils, reactors or chokes, store energy in a magnetic field and can deliver power to the circuit.

A transistor is a two-terminal semiconductor device that can be switched on and off with a small voltage. When it is off, electrons are unable to pass between the drain and source, but when a small voltage is applied to the gate, the device becomes active and permits current to flow between the drain and source, amplifying a signal. Other semiconductor devices, such as fuses and inrush current limiters/thermistors, are considered passive devices, because they don’t introduce net energy into the circuit.


Capacitors are the workhorses of passive components. They are used in many applications including storing electric energy, diverting spurious electric signals and protecting sensitive circuitry from damage caused by power surges. They are also used in computer circuits to ensure that large memory stores retain their data during a momentary loss of power.

The capacitance of a capacitor is determined by the space between two closely-spaced metal plates that are insulated from each other by a dielectric. The two plates attract each other like Motor Controller opposite charges, but because the dielectric separates them the charged surfaces remain stationary until they have someplace else to go. This is what allows capacitors to store electric energy, much like a water tower might store water pressure for use at times of high demand.

A wide variety of metals can be used as the electrode material in capacitors, but nickel is the primary electrode material for high-capacity multilayered ceramic chip (MLCC) types. The price volatility of the raw materials for mass production of these capacitors has exacerbated the prices of other electronic component suppliers, who must adjust their product pricing accordingly.


A diode is a semiconductor device that allows electricity to flow in one direction only. This property makes it useful for creating voltage references and clamping signals to prevent overvoltage damage to circuits. Diodes also have a low forward voltage drop, making them ideal for use in power conversion applications.

In a normal state, the depletion region of a p-n junction diode is an insulator that does not allow electricity to pass through. When a positive voltage is applied across the diode, the holes in the N-type material fill with electrons from the P-side of the junction, thereby exposing negative charges. Electricity flows through the diode when the voltage is removed, but the current is significantly less than that which would pass if no diode was present.

After the economic crisis, passive components manufacturers emerged with a renewed respect for building close relationships with their customers. This has led to a greater emphasis on communicating early with OEMs and EMS providers regarding new design requirements and inventory management. This, in turn, may help to mitigate the impact of rising materials prices.


Manufacturer of standard and custom passive electronic components including capacitors, inductors and transformers. Typical products include helix wound, toroidal, surface mount, leaded and audio choke amorphous core power inductors. Also offers current sense, dry and oil-filled, LAN and digital telecom, and SMPS transformers. Capabilities include design, engineering, manufacturing services, injection molding, and insert molding.

The global market for Passive Component Suppliers is driven by demand from end-user industries such as automotive, consumer electronics and computing, aerospace and defense, and communications. However, rising prices for the key metals used as feedstocks can have a significant impact on passive component manufacturers’ pricing and margins.

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the global supply of passive components, but industry recovery is well underway. This is good news for customers who have been waiting for raw material supplies to stabilize, but will continue to keep their eyes open for potential supply chain disruptions. Get access to verified CAD models and sourcing data for all your passive components with Ultra Librarian. Register today for free.

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