Thursday, April 8, 2021

Training your kids for the newborn, on silicone baby doll


This topic is hardly touched, yet it’s very important. If you are a pregnant mom and already have small kids who might not be ready to welcome their sibling, you must be worried. Yes, there are a couple of things to consider. Once the baby will be born and you have to pay attention to the newborn and that would make you ignore other kids, things might get a little freaky.


Some kids feel insecure and start to hate the newborn. That hatred can prove to be very dangerous sometimes. Kids may hit the baby once they find them alone. They want them to vacate their mother lap for them. They want to gain the same attention they used to have before the mother got this new baby. And it can hurt the children’s relationship with the newborn. And in that way you are putting your newborn baby into deep trouble. As that hatred may stay their even when the kids grow up.


What’s the solution?

Obviously you need to give more attention to your kids. Newborn babies need attention, that's true but the ones you already have got senses. You can try to improve their relationship with the baby right from the beginning. Else they would not only hate the newborn and consider him their enemy but the safety of the new born.


So the best solution in such a scenario is silicone baby. Yes, try to give a silicone baby doll to your kids well before the delivery. So that they can get used to the concept of newborn babies. They can play with them. Put a feeder to their mouth and even if they show some hatred and want to hit the baby, they would hit doll.


Meanwhile you can work on them and make them love the baby. These silicone newborn realistic dolls are realistic looking dolls. So the kids can be trained on them before the actual baby comes into the world.

 Isn’t it safe and interesting? Surely it’s. Give it a try, that would surely help the cause.

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