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WhatsApp is the most used cross-platform direct messaging application. WhatsApp SMS has several distinctive advantages: It can be used globally, is easy to use as no specific plug-in required, has no character length limit for messages sent, and is available on every mobile platform. By using WhatsApp marketing, your business we can easily send huge amount of marketing messages to targeted customers And, what’s more, it is nearly free of cost while including everything from SMS to MMS.

In fact, WhatsApp marketing is the best local marketing resource that a business could ever ask for. You can use it very effectively for such things as product and service launches, to announce offer and deals, convey stock/quote updates, inform people about upcoming publicity events, and convey greetings on special occasions.

VGrow Media is an innovative bulk messaging service provider based in Hyderabad that is focused on providing cost-efficient digital marketing solutions. We provide Bulk WhatsApp Text, Images, Audio, Videos Marketing service at very affordable rates.

Reason why your business should consider using WhatsApp Marketing Service:

  • Conveying information via Image or Video has been proven to be far more effective than merely using text.
  • WhatsApp campaigns ensure that your marketing campaign gets a lot more attention from prospective leads when compared to other types of lead generation avenues such as TV and radio advertisements, Email marketing campaigns, Voice Calls, paper and hoarding ads.
  • Running WhatsApp Campaigns is comparatively very low cost and effective.
  • Reach mass target audiences in a short span of time and with limited effort.
  • It is quick and easy to run campaigns and obtain campaign summary report online.
  • You can easily send your latest product images or company coupons to your customers without paying for expensive MMS.
  • You can share GPS locations for your stores.
  • WhatsApp also supports audio, video and Emoji icons.
  • WhatsApp message services even supports various regional languages so that you can reach even wider yet highly targeted demographic segments.