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The People’s Call Center - Make Your Voice Be Heard

VGrow Media brings you two services

Providing live voice customer support is a very effective means to engage with potential customers and ensure a more satisfactory experience for them. Not only will such a service help your business grow sales through higher conversion rates but it will also build brand loyalty through a better customer experience.

VGrow’s Voice4U call centers will provide you organization with:

  • Inbound call center service
  • Outbound call center service
  • Missed call service
  • Bulk SMS service
  • 24x7 phone answering service
  • 100% call recording
  • Ability to serve small, midsize and large companies
  • Highly affordable rates

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Voice4U offers its services as a back office for elected representatives and politicos who are looking for an effective means to stay in touch with their constituents.

How it works:

  • Voice4U allocates a dedicated number to an elected representative or politico to which his/her constituents can place a call in order to convey their issues and grievances.
  • The Voice4U call center executives will receive such calls, note the grievance or complaint and convey the same to the concerned representative or politico.

Voice4U thus acts as a dedicated communication channel between elected representatives and their constituents.

Why do we believe that this service adds value to all concerned? Casting your vote is just the start of a long journey of engaging with your representative. Because new initiatives are to be launched, existing ones implemented, and grievances addressed, people want their voice to be heard by their representatives at all times. But onerous governance duties mean that representatives may not be readily available at all times. Also, the citizenry is dispersed over vast and remote areas. So, while there is a genuine intent to communicate on both sides, the means to effectively do so are not always in place.